[Review] Pixel Dungeon Hero


Draw on your luck and persistence in your quest to become the world’s greatest treasure hunter!

Discover more and more new monsters and items as you advance further and further into an Infinite dungeon! How far in you can go depends on you!

At the town, there are 5 area can be explored; The Treasure Box, Special Dungeon, Shop, Blacksmith and The Dungeon. Every 4 hours (or so) you can retrieve items inside the treasure box.. And please don’t ask me who put them inside… It is so Mysterious~~

Each weapon has its own firing style. Equip the best weapon that suites your fighting style. Leveling your hero requires coins, which can be obtained after each dungeon. The lower the dungeon, the more you can gain.

Every 3 levels has its own bosses. Fight and kill them and you can start the next dungeon even after you exit to the town…

More information about the game can be obtain via the link (Android user).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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