[Review] Baby Panda’s Puzzle Town


Junk Food Monster is back! This time his gang trashed the town and broke it into pieces. Our little hero panda, Kiki, is ready to fight back and save the town. Come on! Kiki needs our help to find the way and solve puzzles! Together we can save the day!

The town require to be saved by finding the right puzzle to complete the puzzle. Beware that the Junk Food Monster will make sure your quest to fail. Collect the fruits; Banana, Apple, Pear, and Dragon Fruits and throw them to the monster so that they will not interfere with your quests.

Banana will let Kiki floating, Apple will stun the monster, Pear will froze the monster and the Dragon Fruit will completely destroy the monster. Whenever the monster is frozen or stun, there will be a time-limit before the monster regain themselves.

Lots of puzzles need to be cleared, in order to get more fruits. You have 3 stars (health / life) for each stage.. Can you solve them all without getting hurt?

More information about this game can be obtain via link (Android user).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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