[Review] Angry Birds Go!


Welcome to downhill racing on Piggy Island! Feel the rush as you tear down the track at breakneck speeds in a thrilling race to the finish. 

It’s going to be a bumpy ride! Watch out for hazardous roads, and mischievous opponents who will do anything to get to first place. Outrun the competition to earn rewards, upgrade your kart, and become the best driver Piggy Island has ever seen! Ready, set… GO!

RACE AS THE BIRDS OR PIGS IN A 3D WORLD! Jump behind the wheel with your favorite Angry Birds characters (Red, Chuck, Terence, King Pig, Moustache Pig and many more) and see Piggy Island come alive in this rich and colorful 3D world!

The control is very simple. At each starting line, you will need to pull your slingshot (Angry Bird’s Trademark) and start maneuver your vehicle by pressing the left and right arrows at your left and right side. Get and use power ups and drive into the booster to boost your vehicle’s speed…. for a while..

Lots of characters and vehicles to unlock, whereby you can obtain their fragment after each completed racing stages… Power up and win all the way!! Well, what are you waiting for? Let the race started!

More information about this game can be obtained via the link (Android user).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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