[Review] Baby Panda’s Supermarket


Welcome to the cutest store in town! Kiki, our little panda, his mom and some of his friends are waiting for your help! Visit the store to buy groceries with them!

Get your kids to know about helping out thru shopping by identifying items required to buy everyday. There are areas that required to be unlocked and whenever you completed a day, you will gain a medal from Kiki’s mom.

The medal will be used to unlock the areas, which will provide more variety of items that can be bought. The medal will not be used actually, but it will accumulate each day and then will automatically unlock the area. There are fishing ponds, cosmetic area, fresh fruits and many more. 

When you had done shopping, pay them up at the counter!

More information about the game can be obtain via the link (Android user).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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