[Review] Panda Sports Games – For Kids


Welcome to the panda sporting events! We have four games designed for our panda Kiki. Come help Kiki win the final gold cup!

The four games are Running, Jumping, Basketballing and Diving… Well, I named them all… The true name is totally different.

For Running, the power of your finger determined everything.. You need to tap so that Kiki will run, slide any arrow / direction shown so that Kiki will slide any fence with his skateboard (i think so..) and use powerful abilities to prevent any obstacle during your marathon.

For Jumping, jump all the way and collect all fruits so that you can go to the next level. Each level has its own pros-and-cons.. Boost also has 2 type, positive and negative boost.. Try them all and you can see the cute animations..

For Basketballing… Just throw the ball.. Your competitor will make something to prevent you to score, but I know you can do it.. Swipe the ball up and target the ring.. You will win in no time…

Lastly, for Diving… Whenever you are about to dive, get the arrow to be in green colour.. Red colour will make Kiki to land in the bubble area…. well, not good… The higher your diving board, the more obstacle you need to destroy..

More information about the game can be obtain via the link (Android user).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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