[Review] HIT


Hack and slash through hordes of diverse enemies on a journey of loot and conquest built in Unreal Engine 4! BECOME one of 4 legendary heroes! UPGRADE equipment and unlock its full combat strength! 

Select 4 type of heroes; Lucas (Dual-sword wielder), Hugo (Broadsword wielder), Anika (Scythe wielder) or Kiki (Wand wielder). Every heroes has its own unique attacks, skills, equipment and weapon of course. Upgrade them wisely so that you can easily complete the adventure without any difficulties. For me… Of course I will select Anika! So Sexy!! <3

The control is very easy.. The left side is the movement cursor while the right side is the attacking and skill cursor.. You won’t twisting your finger while playing this game unless you played it with one hand only..

The graphic was superb, detailed toward the extend of using skills while attacking the enemies. The combination of skills were also nicely done. Every equipment that you change, the character will also do the same.. Their avatar will also change!

Upgrade your heroes abilities from skills, combos and also passive abilities. Upgrading these attributes will ensure higher winning percentage during your quest / adventure. New skills will be unlock whenever you reach a multiple level of 10. Equip the strongest and suite your fighting style!!

Click the link to get more information about this game (Android user).

Whenever you received equipment / weapon that has a higher rating, equip them A.S.A.P and start enhancing them by sacrificing other lower rating equipment. You will find it will be more easier for you to win the battle, quest and even Tower of Trial.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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