[Review] Final Fortress


Somehow you survived. Now It’s time to rebuild. The world belongs to the idle Z’s, and all you can do now is tap into your survival instincts. Grow your fortress community, gather survivors, and rebuild from the aftermath of the viral outbreak.

Start off by clicking the first floor, then get some assistance to keep on the fuel going up… And why do the oil, not the money or gold? Because the fuel is very important for the aftermath… Or so it said..

When you are away from the apps, you will gain an offline resources of fuels.. So, you can keep on upgrading your room, or build more levels which generate more fuels! Killing zombies also can give lots of fuels.. They roam in the lowest ground..

There are also surprises in a certain floor.. Can you get them all?

There was nothing more than that which interest me to continue playing this game… More info about the game can be obtained via the link. (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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