[Review] Baby Panda’s Birthday Party


It’s birthday time forks, and BabyBus is ready to bring smile to your kids!

This game is very sweet as your kid can swipe the candle, as if your kids do the blowing. Then, get the party started by preparing the utensils, the side dishes and the main dishes… CAKE!!

Eat them by tapping the cake at your plate. Pour some sweet red and brown water and start drinking (by tapping).. After finishing all the food, get ready for surprises!

Its nothing much, but it is fun for your kids.

Game Introduction

The most important day of the year is here! And we are so happy about it! Come on, little friends, let’s party with our little panda, light the birthday candles and sing a birthday song:

“Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Kiki,
Happy Birthday to You”.

It is a special birthday party. You can organize your own party and become the real master of the birthday party. You can choose the style of the table cloth, tableware, cake, snacks and drinks by yourself.

Simulating a real party scene and creating a warm and happy atmosphere, you and your friends will enjoy an interactive game and a big celebration with kiki, the little panda, and his friends! Let’s celebrate your birthday everyday.Look, the delicious cream cakes and cute donuts are waving to you. There are also lots of special gifts waiting for you.

Interactive and fun, in this game, babies and children will enjoy colorful scenarios and play with cute animals! Tap on them to see what happens. Let your little ones join the fun with kiki, the panda, and all his friends!

Design concepts:
We focus on inspirational learning;
We focus on skill-building;
We focus on bringing fun contents to our young audience;

Take the baby bus for an unique learning experience! (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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