[Review] Nautical Life


At the starting of the game, you will go through the tutorial which will sooner got you a small boat and an aquarium…. What the aquarium for actually?? It makes we wonder… Just say that it is for your own entertainment in the middle of the sea…. And you will forget about it soon enough..

Firstly, this game has lots of quest that can give you cash to buy more stuffs, enhancing your fishing rod (or let say buy the new one) and your fishing bait….. For better fishing…

This game is very simple.. When you are going to start fishing, be mindful of the numbers that counting randomly.. The left one refer to the fish and the left one is yours… By the way.. what is that number actually?? It is for your fishing rate.. The higher your number than the fish, the better you win the fish..

At the below, there is the line (red and blue).. If you manage to get the accumulation to the right side, then you will catch the fish!! Hurray!!! I told you the game is simple!!

Game Introduction

Welcome aboard to the world of Nautical Life. Come and enjoy an unique experience of a Tycoon with RPG! Here you can buy your dream yacht and customize the yacht interior for all tastes furniture. Watch the cycle of the day and the night affecting the landscape and the fishing. 

Sail around the world to fish all the variables fishes and get rich!
– There are 8 yachts completely unique.
– More than 100 furniture to customize your yacht.
– 28 different species of fishes to get.
– Day and night cycle.
– Countless missions around the world.
– Show your friends how your yacht looks like by sharing it through Facebook.
– Manage fishing boats to raise your wealth.
– 4 fishing rods with different attributes.
– Have fun betting on South Shore Casino!

Come to sail around the wonderful world of Nautical Life! (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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