[Review] Survival Game : Lost Island 3D


When it come to a survival game, this game meet my requirement and expectation. And why was that?? You can play it 24 hours and more (if your battery allows it).. Lol…

Start the game by collecting sticks and wood to build your own wooden pickaxe, axe and even sword. Each one of them has its own lifespan of usage, but don’t worry to much… You can build the equipment later on by stones and irons.

Harvest apples and hunt wild animals for food. You really need them to survive (well, everyone does). Construct the workplace to build more equipments, furnace to build blocks (building your won house), and many more.

Also, don’t forget to sleep so that your character can gain enough energy to hunt for the next day… And also please get some rest in real life too.. That is the utmost important thing!

Game Introduction

You must survive! You are alone on lost island. Break trees, find resources, craft items. You must should do many things if you want to survive on night. Take a look Survival Game: Lost Island 3D FREE, this is amazing island adventure!

Beware of wild animals, hunt, find food. Make other items, craft new weapons. Take pick ore axe and get more resources! Can you unravel the mysteries of this island?

Real survival island game is the absolutely new adventure!
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There you can find many interesting articles and list of craft recipes.

*** HOW TO PLAY ? ***
+ Break trees, find ores. If you find some resources, you can craft pick or axe. Tap on tree or ore (stone), and select button what do you want to do. When the progress bar if empty you will get resource.

*** CRAFT ***
+ Intresting craft system. Tap on the gear button to open craft menu. There you can find many recipes. Some craft recipes are available near workbench or furnace.

*** HOW TO BUILD ***
+ This game is realy sandbox! Open your backpack, grag the item to map or just click “Drop” and item will appear near you. You can build different blocks, doors, fences and make a own house.

*** HUNTING ***
+ Tap on animal and select button for attack. Beware of predators! Also you can get many resources from animals such as bear, wolf, sheep, fish and etc.

Survival Lost Island 3D features:
+ big island!
+ different resources!
+ realistic 3d graphics!
+ real survival island simulator!
+ craft system!
+ hunting and fishing!
+ good tutorial for beginners!
+ good music and sound effects!
+ different weather!

If you want to be best survived – play Survival Game: Lost Island 3D! Let’s start island exploration! (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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