[Review] Shepherd Saga


You start of by playing the tutorial.. A word of advice… Please read them carefully as I already made a mistake by not doing so.. Not the big one, just a small one… lol..

There are 2 section in this game; the Ranch and the Buildings area.. The Ranch is where you can breed your sheep from an infant into a full grown sheep, rating with different stars (uniqueness).

When your sheep is fully grown; hold-tap at your sheep will get into 3 situations; Getting the wool, Getting the milk, and increase the love and bonding with the sheep.. Well, you can also do the lovely thing 3 times before the sheep gets annoyed.. Lol…

Build your Warehouse to keep the wool and milks before selling them off for some profits.. Be warned that the game will auto-run even-though you had exited the application. If you did’t feed them, they will get sick.

Each fully grown sheep will gets old after 2 days (IRL time) and there will be no profit gain when you sell them… The same goes to their wool and milk.. Old sheep can’t produce them.

A random event will occur when you are away from the game; such as Wolf attacking your sheep, Hurricane, etc.. There are a unique sheep can fend off the wolf and also the natural disaster.. Choose wisely as each of them costs 1000 golds.

Game Introduction

In the far east of Diva Terra Continent is a thriving country. Owing to favorable national policy, settlers have worked very hard to develop the land. As people see the fruits of their efforts on this fertile land, they begin to call it Paradise.

You are charmed by tales of this Paradise, and decide to move there. After a long journey, you arrive at a small hut and a desolate ranch. And your mind is already full of ideas and plans for your new home…

◆Plenty of Sheep! And Plenty of Items to Help You!◆
Auto-feeding bowl. Disease vaccine.
Teru Teru Sheep that keep it always sunny.
Brave Shepherd Dog that fights off the Wolves.
Make Good Use of Them to Raise Your Sheep Healthy and Happy!

◆Exciting Events!◆
What to do when the crop market run out of feeds for your sheep?
What to do when the Big Bad Wolves come?
Come Help Beat Them!

◆Sheep Gallery◆
80 Different Breeds of Sheeps, and the Number is still Growing.
Gotta Breed Them All?

◆Global Leaderboard◆
Who Sold the Most Sheep?
Who has the Most Profitable Ranch?

Let’s Race to the Top of the Leaderboard! (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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