[Review] CATTCH


Sometimes we easily get bored with the side scrolling game, but didn’t you know that the side-scrolling games are getting better and better? Yes it is.. and it also full of action that adventure inside! Well, most people do, don’t they?

Cattch is one of the game that has a very intensive gaming style of side-scrolling genre. The game also provides you with a target to accomplish and get 3 stars ranking in each stages. 

Whenever you win the game, you will notice the changes in the illustration at the end of each stage.. Yes, each stage has its own unique illustration… And you can only get them by getting 3 stars (fully achieve target)..

In this game, you need to save all captured creatures and bring them back home… to safety, of course.. You also able to interact with an area that makes the ground tilted.. as a way to complete and save more creatures.

Most of all…. they are cute and adorable.. It is worth a try..

Game Introduction

Get ready for sizzling graphics, true platforming action, and mind-bending puzzle play in the colorful new adventure Cattch – from the award winning studio that brought you the arcade hit Darklings. This 2D platformer is just right game for you!

You must take Cattch, a hyper-color cat, on a journey of revenge, to bounce on all those nasty little monsters before the weekend is over, so he can save his friends and finally chill out. Cattch’s extraordinary jumping and landing skills will come in handy while facing insane puzzles in his home world of Cubika. Go CATTCH!!!

Cattch is a next generation puzzle platformer, built of square blocks, those crazy cool worlds are full of dangers and surprises—levels will rotate and change shape, throw you in the air and take you underground!

HOURS OF GAMEPLAY 50 puzzle-platforming levels across 3 richly designed worlds
COLLECT dozens of sweet stickers
GET INTO a bizarre and hilarious tale

ENJOY! (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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