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The only free game that the developer give is only 3, huh? Well, they are developing the educational games for the kids above 2 years old, so that if they like the game, the kids can urge his / her parents to buy the complete version of the game.. Clever indeed..

Well, whatever.. Lets talk about the game, shall we?

The graphic is normal if the game reflect to other kids educational games. There is less animation in the free version, which means that the full version will be the same. Try creating something fun that can attract kids to urge their parents in buying the full version.

If you want to get the attention of other players, create something that unique to your game. That uniqueness will brings lots and lots of players!!

Game Introduction

* Fun EDUCATIONAL game for kids of AGE two and up 
* Developed with certified child psychologists 
* 12 beautiful mini-game boards

About the game: 
Birthday Party is the best way for preschoolers and toddlers to learn shapes, sizes, colors and numbers. Your child will have fun and practice basic skills while helping the penguins organize a birthday party for their friend – the polar bear. Kid will learn about colors, patterns, shapes and size by helping the penguins hang decorations, prepare refreshments and even clean up after the party!

The game is designed to enhance the following skills of kids: 
– Problem solving
– Hand-eye coordination 
– Visual perception 
– Concentration

All our products are designed and developed in cooperation with certified child psychologists and experienced educators.

Game boards:
Party: MATCH balloons by COLOR 
Invitations: CLASSIFY spiral decorations by SHAPE 
Dress up: MATCH outfits by SIZE 
Cake: CLASSIFY candy decorations by SHAPE and PATTERN.
Dinner: SORT dinnerware by SIZE.
Candy bag: MATCH candies by COLOR and PATTERN. 
Drawing easel: MATCH item COLOR by LOGIC.
Beads: CLASSIFY beads by COLOR.
Hide and seek: Locate the hiding penguins by LOGIC.
Puzzle: Place the missing parts or the puzzle by COLOR and PATTERN.
Presents: CLASSIFY presents by TYPE.
Clean up: MATCH objects by their SILHOUETTE.

Note for parents:
Like all our games, this game is designed to provide quality playtime for parents and children together. Playing along with your children is highly recommended and will surely make them benefit the most from this app and help them expand their vocabulary.

We are sure that your children will enjoy this exciting educational game that will encourage their thinking and contribute to the development of their basic skills.

Get your educational kit here. (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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