[Review] League of Beauties


Well, well, well… This is truly the type of my game.. I’m not a pervert or anything, but I am amazed by the beautiful illustration of each characters in this game.. So beautiful that I want to keep on playing and keep on unlocking the new characters…

In this game, you can collect all type of characters from ancient myths Chinese heroes.. Upgrade them to get their points higher, which reflect to their attack power, defense power and skills power. Get the support from your beauties in enhancing the characters’ points further.. All you need to do is get the required character and let her support your main forces.

This game is quite heavy, so be mindful to leave a space in your mobile phone… It do get update weekly… And each update may go up to 40MB.. If you want to play this game for a long time, then leave a lot of space, alright?

Start off a hilarious journey of the main hero in order for him to create his own harem world with his ability of “Red Mansion”… Wow… the sound also made me want to play this game more… Owh, and it is not an adult game, so rest assure. This game is more towards matching the tiles in order to create longest chains, whereby each tile will increase your attack power.

I might do a special review about this game’s characters… What do you guys think?

Game Introduction

In the game, players are able to collect various Beauties from ancient times, and raise them by increasing their levels, upgrading them, and wearing equipment. Players are also able to collect various types of Artifacts, raise Pets, and more

== Game Background ==

One day, the male protagonist had unexpectedly obtained the “Red Mansion”, an ancient artifact from the bookshelf in his house. Inside the “Red Mansion”, hundreds of Beauties from the myths and the ancient past were recorded within. Chang’e, Wu Meiniang, Xiao Qing, Da Ji… 

Suddenly, a white light flashed and the “Red Mansion” had transported the male protagonist into a world of beauties, and had even dropped him onto Da Ji, knocking her over. Before he could even recover from his excitement, he encountered the Black Witch, which had come to take his life. From then on, not only did Da Ji risk her life to save the male protagonist, she even brought the male protagonist all around the world to rein in various esteemed beauties, enjoying a life. However, the story has just begun…

== Game Features ==
※ A perfect balance between match 3 pieces game and RPG turn based action 
※ Over 100 carefully designed beauties worth collecting
※ Over 500 different levels of dungeons for you to challenge
※ Beauties support system that will enhance your gaming experience
※ Pet system that will boost your character strength and let you make a big comeback in the battles
※ Lots of game events and attractive freebies waiting for you to grab, making your overall gameplay more fun than ever

Get your own harem here! (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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