[Review] AutoRaid RPG Manager


Sometimes I even wonder on how creative can a human minds works in innovate the things to be interesting.. This game is one of the prove that RPG had reached an evolution…. almost…

The gameplay and its control is easy enough that even a newbie can play this game.. It is not as hard as you think actually.. All you need to do is manage your team of units / army / heroes and send them to the dungeon for battle….. And the battle is automatic… Yes, the attacks and skills are automatic.. You just wait and see their attacks and skills so that you can plan the best strategy in the future.

Whenever you leveled up your character, you will get 1 upgrade point to upgrade your character’s skill. choose wisely and read the description correctly. Well, the tutorial will show you how and it proves useful too. 

Last but not least, the character illustration is kinda shabby, but if I can propose a suggestion… please enhance your illustration.. Do some sexy character or something to get interest from other players. The game is already good but it lacks on the illustration..

Game Introduction

AutoRaid: RPG Manager requires some major permissions as follows:

1. Contacts – find accounts on the device
App uses this permission to retrieve your Google Play account to associate with in-game data. PLEASE ALLOW THIS PERMISSION IF YOU WANT TO ASSOCIATE IN-GAME DATA WITH YOUR GOOGLE PLAY ACCOUNT.

2. Phone – read phone status and identity
App uses this permission to check if your device is busy calling and AutoRaid will pause or sleep.

3. Storage – modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
App uses this permission for some devices that would install AutoRaid into external storage.

– Design your battle! AutoRaid: RPG Manager! Team management is not only for sports games! It’s time to manage your party in a fantasy world! Unlimited strategies with various heroes!

Build your unique party to conquer the dungeons, and prove that your team is the best in the battle arena!

◀◀ Features ▶▶
– Familliar party build and threat system from MMORPG
– Detailed battle reports to analyze your party
– Perfectly simulated dungeon party play

– Classical fantasy heroes with 6 races and 24 classes
– Begin as an apprentice, be a Legend!

– There’re more than one answer! Design your own tactics.
– Nothing is impossible! Push your limit to beat the monsters!

◆ REAL-TIME PvP – Battle Arena
– BO3 battle against other players.
– Prepare for unexpected enemies, and conquer the battle arena with your own heroes!

Unleash your tactical imagination in RPG Manager! (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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