[Review] Farm Away! – Idle Farming


This is somehow quite an interesting game, as same as the Build Away! game, this time in the backwater country! Yes it is!! Farming!!!

I can say that this game is the first game before they make the Build Away! game… Why would I say that?? It is the graphic, of course.. This game is more towards cartoons, instead of 3D like the Build Away! game. Well, correct me if I am wrong..

The concept remains the same, but this time is a bit different on the upgrades.. The upgrades on the coins received will be higher whenever you upgrade them. What about their time reduction?? There are permanent upgrades for each crops and animals, but you have to go by the lower cost first… Well, it is a good news as the upgrades will help you gained more profits..

Other than that, It is indeed a good backwater country game for time killing.

Game Introduction

Make Hay, Not War! Farm Away!


Love farming? Want to grow the most awesome farm of all time? The idle farming revolution is here. In this clicker game you’ll be breaking records for cultivating animals and plants like pigs, cows, chickens, corn and potatoes! Bring your friends into your game as hired farm hands and keep playing to discover more…will the future hold cats, dogs, horses, fish or even candy unicorns?

 SIMPLE & RELAXING – Tap n’ swipe to cultivate cute animals and crops for riches!
 GROW ENDLESSLY! – Automate your farm and earn continuously while you’re away!
 UNIQUE HARVESTING – Harvest all your crops with a swipe for new seeds and bonuses.
 WEATHER CONTROL – Increase production by powering up the sun and making it rain!
 FRIEND FARMERS – Hire friends to help you grow and customize your farm!
 INVEST WISELY – Prove your strategy with smart decisions on when to upgrade and harvest.
 DEVELOPER LOVE – Futureplay have put a lot of ‘tender loving care’ into their first game!
 PLAY ANYWHERE! – The world’s best idle farming simulator is free to play online or offline!

Farm Away is a great game for all the family. It’s an idle clicker that’s loved equally by boys, girls and big kids!

Download your farm here (Android user).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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