[Review] Tap My Katamari


Tap… Tap… Tap… and Tap… and….. Tap… Ups! Sorry about that…

Like other tapping or clicker games, this game’s main objective is to collect all items that laying on the ground and make a new star and universe!! Wow!!

Starting off by collecting smaller things to the biggest things, start rolling your own sticky ball with each tapping. You can gain a passive tapping and coins if you are able to recruit your Prince’s friends.. Yep.. You are the green looking Prince!!

Each area has 10 mini stages, whereby on the final stage, you are require to click before the time runs out.. Well, almost the same as the other clicker games.. Upgrade your Prince to increase the tapping counts!!

Game Introduction

Experience a new way to play Katamari! Tap My Katamari is a spin-off clicker game in the strange and quirky universe of sticky balls, tiny green royalty, and idle cowbears.

You are the Prince, tasked by The King of All Cosmos to restore the universe and its stars by tapping. To do so, you’ve been given the Katamari, a magical ball that makes everything it touches stick to it. Grow your Katamari into a star and restore the universe!

Start in the house picking up small things like thumbtacks and hamsters. Increment and get BIGGER then start picking up cows and cars! Idle and get EVEN BIGGER then amass giant squids and spaceships!

If you enjoy the Katamari universe, try this new incremental game and discover a new way to play Katamari on your phone!

How big will you make YOUR Katamari? (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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