[Review] Sushi World


I’m a little bit confused with the title of this game… Is it Sushi World or Sushi Friends 2??

This game is quite simple in the beginning, but will be very hard when the stages proceeds.. More materials and more recipes to unlock and more customers to serve! But you need to complete the task within the allocated time.. If you can’t, the customers will run away and you won’t get full marks (or full star). In this game, 1 unsatisfied customer will reduce your star..

Unlocking the recipes will also unlock the materials to make them. Be warned that if you unable to get all stars in the previous level, your materials won’t be replenished for free!! Be sure to get ready, remember the steps and focus what you are doing.

Discarding the unfinished sushi will contribute to lower stars and even breaking the combo points. Be mindful on whatever you are doing..

Game Introduction

Everybody loves sushi – so why not join the craze? Open your own sushi restaurant today in Sushi Friends: World – Chop Swipe Maker

From the creators of the original Sushi Friends comes a whole new experience in the much anticipated Sushi Friends sequel!

Sushi Friends: World is a fun strategy game that puts you in the role of a chef building his sushi restaurant empire! In this exciting game, you will have to slice and dice to make ends meet. Conquer each country with your unique chain of restaurants!

We have taken some of the best elements from the original Sushi Friends game and combined them with new elements that make Sushi Friends: World a completely different experience for any new and existing player.

If you love cooking games then you will love Sushi Friends 2!

Download your kitchen here (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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