[Review] King of Smithy – Clicker Game

A simple yet addictive idle clicker game… And it is a Blacksmith this time!

If you notice, there are green box under the screen.. Whenever you manage to click on the green, multiply with 3 successful click, you will receive +1 combos. The maximum combos that you can get is 5.. Which means each time you success in clicking inside the green box, you will receive “clicking points” x 5..

To upgrade your clicking, upgrade the items with “TAP” instead of CPS.. Well, the first item didn’t have “TAP” upgrades but the rest have it.. Manage your items well..

When you had reached the certain clicking, you are able to upgrade your own blacksmith shops. The structure will change, and… well, only that…

But, what is lacking in this game is that the CPS didn’t work offline.. Most of the gamer are looking into that, so if there aren’t any, it won’t attract many people into playing the game.

Game Introduction

Who will be the next honorable king? Who will save the Realm? Myahap it shall be you?!

Play this amazing new clicker game and puzzle it out. Join to endless journey, click and become a master of blacksmithing. Do your best to get higher score, and compete with other pretenders to the throne all around the World. Accept a challenge! Become the king of smiths! 

In King of Smiths: Clicker game you will enjoy:
– Addictive clicker gameplay
– Amazing 8 bit pixel art
– Atmospheric background music with the sounds from the real smithy (Thanks to FoolBoyMedia for background music)
– Interesting levels which wait for you to unlock them
– Worldwide scoreboard
– Different kinds of items that will help you to do your best (even Pact with the Devil o.O)

Download your smithy hammer here (Android user).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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