[Review] Clumsy Hero


Starting of by creating your own personal characters (changing of hair style, hair color and scarf color), you can make it suits your own needs.. Even though the choices are not that much, but it is sufficient!! Owh wait… Did I said scarf color?? Yep.. That is unique…

About this game, the other unique part is that you are able to upgrade and enhance your own equipment instead of buying them in a shop.. All you need to do is level up your weapon, shield or equipment into 5 stars before you can upgrade them into something else.. But the upgrade also needs a recipe and its materials, whereas it can be found during your adventure (by luck).

The graphic is quite nice. During the adventure, you need to aware on your enemies attacking pattern.. They usually have a “!” mark before they attack.. If you defend yourself correctly, then the damage will be nullified.. If it didn’t, the damage will be reduce based on the shield’s status.. Cool huh?

Owh yeah… Before I forget… There are also an animals that have magics, which will be able to help you during your adventure time.. As a start off, you are equipped with a dog that has a healing magic.. Keep upgrading your pet to increase the magic power..

Game Introduction

Devil and Dragon! We are recruiting brave heroes to save the kingdom in danger.

You have not received the hero title? It’s not difficult to become a hero ! Just follow these 5 rules.

Hero Rule 1 – Look strong.
– Equipping weapons and gears changes your character appearances.
– The more powerful your weapons are, the stronger you look.

Hero Rule 2 – Use magic.
– Heroes cannot use magic, because they are swordsman.
– However, there are pets who can use various magic.

Hero Rule 3 – Victory is all about timing.
– In order to win the battle, precise thinking and timing are the key.
– Make the most of your dynamic visual acuity, left brain and right brain to decide between the Attack and Defend button within 1 second.

Hero Rule 4 – Establish reputation.
– People in the kingdom in danger have many worries.
– By resolving their problem, you can achieve reputation and wealth.

Hero Rule 5 – You are not alone.
– Create a guild. In the kingdom, there are many heroes. Playing with them will make the game much easier and more fun.
– By creating a guild, you get access to the guild hideout.

I think you are ready to become a hero. Let’s go save the kingdom now (Android user).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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