[Review] Popipu Evolution


When I played the Earth Defense Game earlier, I was wondering WTH is Popipu! Well, this game explains what is Popipu, and why it is been haunted down my human race.

Well, firstly, of course it is an alien. But this alien gained its experience through eating or killing the human race. It all start with its first encounter with a little girl in a small village.. Well, the girl just poke it by using a stick, who wouldn’t be angry right? So, this alien just eat that girl and keep evolve until it is big enough to destroy the entire world.

Perhaps it think that it is human race fault that make it eager to eat and kill other human? Who knows.. Maybe you can find it out..

Game Introduction

One day in a small town, it appeared. At first, people didn’t even notice, except some kids. They named it Popipu and played with it.

At first, Popipu will only move around and react to stimulations by instinct. But with enough interaction with people, it will evolve!

Just like anyone’s life, the path of evolution is an uncertainty! The way how Popipu evolves depends on several conditions!

What will be the fate of Popipu? Find out more here. (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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