[Review] Marimo Dungeon


A lovely ball of fur had entered your house, and it is up to you to raise it..

In this game, the type of food that you give to Marimo will determined its evolution. And the evolution will give it more Hit Points and more powerful attacks (can be used in the dungeon).

When I first played this game, I gave Marimo lots of onions to eat.. And it evolve become Dark Marimo.. Lol.. The food will always pop out of nowhere, but your decision for Marimo to eat is at your fingertips. You can eat all foods that laid on the floor, and see unique transformation and evolution.

Venture into a dungeon to kill other bad Marimo and their Boss.. Your tapping will determine the direction of its attack, so plan carefully. If it became tougher, use your Marimo’s personal skills in order to survive.. If you lose? Don’t worry, your Marimo didn’t die.. It will transfer you back to your home.. Then, get more stronger and challenge the dungeon again!

Can you unlock the total evolution chart?

Game introduction

In this game, you can grow Marimo, and the dungeon adventure with Marimo.

Let’s grow the Marimo now! (Android user)

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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