[Review] Earth Defender S


The second season of 100T Earth Defenders is here! If the 1st Season is at the Earth, then this time we are fighting the invaders in the space!! Woohooo!!

Venture into the space to defend earth from Popipu Invasion.. Lets say that most of the Popipu escaped to the Space so that they can attack Earth again..

Fear not, now, new army will be there for you to fight against the invasion. This time, it is more merrier with multiple heroes available to help destroying the invasion. Keep playing in order to raise your troop morale into the highest (multiply 1.5) before you shut down the apps.

The concept of the game remains the same as the previous season, so nothing to talk about it.. The only thing that I can say is that this time, it is more intensive!! Your HQ had become a space mothership! Upgrade its fire power so that you can get more points instantly..
Game Introduction

In year 20xx, an unknown evolving lifeform known as Popipu attacked Earth. Facing total extinction, humankind had united and formed the Earth Defender Corps, and eventually defeated Popipu.

However, peace didn’t last long. As they looked up into the sky, they know their fight is not yet over…

Gear up soldiers, we’re going to SPACE now!!

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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