[Review] Stellacept Online


Play with your friends all over the world in real time with this free-to-play MMORPG.

Enjoy thrilling battles with stunning 3D graphics!

Its epic story will keep you on tenterhooks!

◆What is the free-to-play RPG Stellacept Online?
Stellacept Online is a beautiful game in which you can inflict devastating combos by taping your screen at the right moment, or unleash a terrible power with the Burst Points earned by beating enemies. Chat in real time with other players to cooperate and to help each other!.

Play as a soldier who fights against the terrific Tarazed to save the people of Sadalsuud. Become strong by developing and evolving your own Stella here. (Android user)

My opinion for this game

A nice MMORPG game to play with. The graphic were superb and the gaming style is nicely done. The interface were also nicely done and easy to understand. 

Instead of adorable and cute companion, you have your own ball of power that always there besides you, which supports you by channeling its energy to you. Uncover unexpected mission during your main mission that brings you more glory and of course, money!

It is a free MMORPG game. So, MMORPG lovers should give it a go..

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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