[Review] Chain of Darkness


You awake in an underworld filled with hellish dungeons, demonic enemies, and questionable allies. Your choice is simple: Fight for freedom or accept an eternity of barbaric torture. As the story unfolds, you’ll discover who you can rely on, who you can trust, and who will break free of the Chains of Darkness.

From Spicy Horse Games, the creators of The Gate and Alice: Madness Returns

• Tap-to-attack action mechanics combined with highly addictive RPG and Card Collecting
• Explore richly detailed dungeons 
• Hand-animated 3D models 
• Use the Cube to summon monsters with soul coins and gold 
• Build an army of monsters to help you defeat the hoards of hell
• Compelling story featuring a diverse range of characters
• Compete against others from around the world in the PvP Arena
• 100 unique demons, more added all the time
• Hard Mode for greater rewards
• Frequent Raid Bosses
• Unique upgradable skills, buffs and equipment 
• Engaging and beautiful original soundtrack

Are you ready to venture into the darkness? If you do, do it here. (Android user)

My opinion for this game

It is a bit heavy for a child to play this game due to the gaming style, dark environment and… It brings chill to your bones sometimes.. It surely for gamer that love this type of game style. Apart from that, the story plot are very interesting as you start to know about yourself from nothing. 

The cards that you can collect seems very limited. Hope that the developer can make more variety of monsters for players to control. The animation for each monsters were nicely done especially during the activation of their skills.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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