[Review] Toy Defense : Fantasy Tower


Dragons and trolls are attacking! Lead your own fantasy army and defend the castle in epic TD battles!

Recruit and train your kingdom’s warriors, elves, wizards and healers to create a powerful army and destroy the enemy’s forces! Use the power of magic to defend your castle and show your courage to drive those vile monsters from your fantasy kingdom! 

Get involved in the exciting Tournament Mode! Try to beat your friends and win all the top prizes! Enjoy this tower defense, the best among war strategy games, with knights and dragons.

Download your defensive tower here (Android user).

My opinion for this game

An interesting Tower Defense game indeed.. The tower selection only have 4 types: Archer (Air & Ground), Flamer (Ground), Bow (Ground) and Magician (Air & Ground).. Do you think it is not enough? Well, me too.. This game need more selection of tower / defense type of army..

Other than that, it really is a fun game to play when you are planning to kill your time.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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