[Review] Linear Quest Beta


Linear Quest is an action rpg where you try to progress forward. Level up your character, gear up, learn new skills and fight tons of monsters.

New content will be added as soon as it has been properly tested. We hope to release new content as soon as we can. We are developing the game on our free time so it will sometimes take a while to make an update.

Download this game here (Android user).

My opinion for this game

Lots of improvement can be done..

1. The HOTKEY button is not functioning.. I keep on dragging the skills and items like…. 10 minutes… and nothing is happened…

2. Tutorial is all in words….. It didn’t show any example like any other games.. And we need that… reading makes us…. sleepy… Zzzzz…

3. The left and right button for movement is not properly done.. when I played this game, I always click the empty space in the inventory.. And it’s really annoying…

4. Since I it in beta version, I hope the full version can solve most of the problem.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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