[Review] The Weapon King


Warrior! Please be awake! The world is in danger! Now Hurry!!

Evil spirits from the dark dimention are giving everyone a trouble! Take this sword at once and forge the greatest sword! This sword will be your greatest company in destroying all the evil spirits.

Make sure you collect all the legendary rings and necklaces with great hidden powers which could be earned during the adventure!

And take this jewlry box filled with mysterious lights! Warrior.. Hurry, before it’s too late..

Save the world! Get your weapon here, warrior (Android user).

My opinion for this game

If you think that this game is all about an adventure and RPG game, then think again. This game is none other than a tapping game. Well, it’s not as i expected when i played this game.. You have to tap the correct sequence before the time running out, while gain time with a successful sequence.

But after 300 successful combos, the time drains so much like a running water.. Well then, enjoy upgrading your wooden sword to become the mightiest weapon ever!

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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