[Review] Shovel Commandos!


What is life! Shoveling to death! No need rifles! Shoveling all the way! Your life here will be like a hell! Welcome to the hell shoveling unit. Mission impossible! Start an impossible mission with a shovel!

The best real blind-end labor clicker game “Just do it! The best shoveling unit”! You can experience the essence of never-ending shoveling game!

Start crafting your own shovel team here (Android user).

My opinion for this game

This is one hell crazy game that i ever played.. Well, at the part of the mad general to move the mountains from the original spot to other spot… Why? Because he just don’t like it.. LOL!!!

Well, it’s addicted alright! There are two types of currency in this game: coins and chocolate doughnut thingy.. Its something like you buy to get those in bulk… but rest assured!! You don’t have to buy it since it generates throughout the play time.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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