Clash Royale – Combo (Part 1)


Hello Gamer! In this post, I’ll share some of the best combos that I figured out in this Clash of Clan game. But first, let us know our character’s type.. There are Melee, Range, Tanker, Building Destroyer, Building and Spell with different attributes..

A melee fighter is reflecting to a troop with high HP and high movement speed. This kind of troop requires an enemy troop to be in front of them to launch the attack. But be mindful that these type of troops couldn’t attack flying units… Therefore, they are vulnerable to any flying attack and range attack (they could die before reaching the range unit)..

A range fighter usually reflecting to a troop with lower HP and lower movement speed. But bare in mind that there are troops with high movement speed. Usually, these kind of troops are weak against a swarming enemies (it can be either flying, range or melee).. Therefore, keep your range troop as a supporting troop for the melee fighter..

Tanker reflect to a troop with high HP, far higher than the Melee Fighter… Like 2 – 3 times higher.. Enemies will have difficulties to kill this type of troop but it cost high Mana to send this troop into battle..

Its main task and purpose of deployment is non-other than to destroy enemies’ buildings. Nothing other than that.. In this game, there are multiple of troops focusing on this task.. Choose wise!

There are 3 types of building; Offensive, Defensive and Supporting Building. Offensive building usually spawn troops to attack the enemies while the Defensive building is to defense the tower from enemies raids. As for the Supporting building, you will be provided with Mana for players to send more troops.

Spells also have 2 type; Attacking and Supporting Spells. Attacking spells contribute to a damage to enemies while Supporting spells supports your troops in attacking and raiding. Well, there are also spells that combines both Attack and Support.

Well, that is the basic of the game. Stay tune for the potential combos. And do let me know if there are incomplete information based on above information.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!

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