AdventureQuest : Dragons


Ever dreaming of having a Dragon as your pet? Ever dreaming of breeding dragons? Now you can do it with AdventureQuest : Dragons! Collect Dragons of every breed! 

Hatch and evolve 12 Dragons (Steampunk, Fire, Green, Shadow, Three-Headed, Evil Lava, Gold, Lightning, Faerie, Undead, Slime Dragon and even Frost Dragon) in an idle game from the makers of Cookie Clicker & AdventureQuest Worlds!

Become a master of Dragons. Tap dragon eggs to hatch them, and then collect gems to power-up and evolve your dragons into titanic beasts. Collect and evolve them all.

Battle through the storylines where your Dragon will raise armies, create cities, and most likely destroy civilizations while fighting fearsome foes. From an egg to master of the multiverse!

Download the game here (android user).

My opinion for this game

A nice moving graphic for each dragons, plus an interesting storyline after a certain upgrade that we never think of.. We ask the dragons to kidnap the princess?? Really?? Well, never think of that one..

Each dragons has their own difficulties in getting gems for upgrading (increase gems received per second). It also works when you go offline (only 8 hours), and after that your dragon won’t get the gems for you anymore. You have to log in again.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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