Minions Paradise


BANANAAA!!!! Ehem! Sorry about that… Pretty addicted to the Minion’s movie.. Lets get back to the game, where the minions are here to brighten up your life!

When a lovable yet bumbling Minion named Phil sinks the cruise ship (well, he always does that right?) carrying his Minion buddies, it is his responsibility to turn a deserted tropical island into the perfect paradise! 

Help Phil build the perfect Minions Paradise! Customize the island with hot tubs, hammocks, and beach volleyball courts. Plant firefly trees, harness power from electric eels, and grow bushels of bananas to make an island paradise for Phil and his Minion buddies. 

The more land you get, the more fun your Minions will have! Become an expert at alligator water skiing, throw mangoes from hot air balloons, and dive off water slides.

Join Illumination Entertainment – the creators of the MINIONS movie – and EA as they take your favorite Minions on an incredible journey. Share your paradise with Kevin, Stuart, and Bob from the MINIONS movie! Make all your vacation dreams come true and be joined by all your favorite Minion buddies. 

All Minions need a villain to serve! Aid Phil and the Minions as they work to finish Professor Flux’s master plan. Help Flux put his dastardly plans into motion and earn special Minion Level-Up Tokens to upgrade the abilities of your favorite Minions!

Join the Minions on the vacation of a lifetime now! You may download the apps here (Android user).

My opinion for this game

A very, very addictive game as there are lots of quests to be completed. For resources and upgrading, you don’t need money. All you need is your buddies to get them for you! Your buddies is important as they will work for you whenever you want them to.

It is quite fun as every different building has its own uniqueness. And don’t worry, your buddies won’t die in this game as they are doing lots of dangerous stuff!!

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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