Holy Knight


The Demon Dragon that will destroy the world awaken. Vampires arise and shed blood over the land. Who is brave enough to sow light where darkness exists, to disperse monsters and reconquer our land?

Start the adventure to become a Holy Knight. Make your history with knights from all over the world! Embark on adventure in stunning vibrant 3D magic world with monsters of diverse design and vivid scenes. You’ll have a lot to see in adventure! With hundreds of skill combos, the result all depends on your fingertip!

Exclusive Dragon Wings for brave dragon slayers. Kill the demon dragon and show your glory to all! Download the apps now! Simply click here to download the game.

My opinion for this game

If you love the Hack and Slash game, you might as well love this game. It combines Action and RPG, enable you to chats with the online players and also showing off cool stuff such as your pets and skills. The graphic is just perfect in preventing any lagging to most of mobile phone.

There are plenty of servers for newbies in improving their worth in defeating the demon dragon! And you might be one of them! Have it a try, it if fun. And remember, do not spend your real money in this game!

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!

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