Sid Story


The Protagonist is having a wonderful and relaxing day when all of a sudden a cracked opened which defy the time consortium. From the crack comes monsters and also Fragmented Hero and Heroine that can be captured upon defeat (Bosses had a very high difficulty to capture).

There are more than 400 characters to capture. Can you capture the legendary Hero and Heroine, thus make your deck the most powerful deck ever?

Come and join us in this interesting game!

My opinion for this game

A unique RPG-Card Game with lots of beautiful drawings (girls of course). Singta Inc. managed to capture my interest into playing this game, and it pays off! Lots of interesting storyboard between the protagonist and the students surrounding him.

There are schools that can make you “learn” and collect materials for upgrading, plus several quests that very unique that only available on certain period of time.

For those who interested to install the game, you can find it here.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


Card Transformation Sample (Illustration of 3-Star Chaerin)


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