Dragon Heroes : Battle of Dragonia


Ever wondering what happens happens when a shooting game meets with RPG and falls in love?? Then, you might love this game with intense shooting-action genre at DRAGON HEROES!!

Form the ultimate team of heroes, play it with your friends and forge a powerful guild as it’s not just a game. It’s an adventure!

The concept of this game is similar with other shooting game like Raiden (Arcade Game) but with an additional injection of RPG genre inside this game. Lots of stages to be captured and concurred.

It also features an Action-packed gameplay (shooting, dodging and wiping out enemies with powerful skills), Formation of ultimate team (collect powerful heroes and runes to form your dream team), power up heroes, various game modes (scenario, Infinite dungeon, boss raid and more), guild (join forces and lead your guild to the top) and fight your way to the top at the Arena through PvP System.
Additional to that, there are battles and raids on gigantic bosses (world raid) which is different every month (monthly update on the raid bosses). 
To download this game, click here for Android User.
My opinion for this game
This game is very addictive to those who love this style of gameplay. But somehow after the update by the publisher (PATI Games Corp.), most of the players couldn’t update and log into the game due to device compatibility.
Unless the publisher do something about the Arena, most of the newbies couldn’t climb up to top 100 ~200.. It will be waste of time for the newbies to play this game which leave only the elite group playing this game. Different servers might be useful for the newbies that are planning to play this game.. Fair and Square!

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