Deadwalk – The Last War


Have you ever dreaming to kill zombies with your elite and powerful unit? Well, of course it is humans, not mutant or monster. Its with your own super soldier!

Deadwalk – The Last War brings you an intensive gaming experience in managing a squad of powerful soldier in surviving the Zombie Apocalypses. Build up Workshops, Resources (Farm for food, Fuel Refinery for Oil, Metal Recycling for Metal, Waterworks for Water, and Refugee Camp for Human Resource), City Wall, Laboratory, Barracks and many more.

At first, the base were left abandon with a few fugitives and you were given a task to develop the base to its fullest. Level up your super soldier through combat, get additional resources through PvP or Resource Base in the Map, and team up with your team by creating Clans.

Can you survive the zombie apocalypses? Can you defeat the source of this evil scheme?

My opinion for this game

It has a nice HD graphic throughout the entire game. Lots of powerful super soldiers to be collected. This game combines RPG, Action and Building categories to make it one of the good game to play with. Even though the upgrades are a bit expensive, please do not use your real money for this game unless you are willing to play this game in a long run.

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!

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