Zombie Hive


RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Zombies breakdown detected and requires help in managing an elite squad to prevent the zombies from get out to the surface! Are you the rightful commander that we are looking for??

Zombie Hive is a casual – not so stressful game that requires you to manage a squad team during the zombie’s breakdown. Guess what.. The zombies are coming from a lab with 1000 levels (where the Last Boss is located)! It took me months to get to that level.

This game provides an upgrade of your Troops, Vehicle (transporting blood sample for sale), Firewall Hacking Machine, specialists and many more. Each upgrade of Troops will enhance your firepower, Vehicle will increase your Loading Quantity, Firewall Hacking Machine will increase the effectiveness of you getting into lower levels and so forth.

As far as I’m concern, there will be none of the zombies will get pass thru your troop.. and your troops’ bullets won’t depleted either. Guess what… They also have Super Zombies!! And the winning factor will determine by percentage between your troop’s firepower and the zombie’s strength.

Blue Cube is very precious in this game and of course you can buy it with real money. My advice here is try to play this game without using your real money for more challenge since you will get the Blue Cube on a certain period of time.

It is a fun game with interactive story line, so for those who love an idle game should try this one! Just click here to download the game via Play Store (Android User).

Have fun Guys! Peace Yaw!!

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