My Princess Is The Cutest


One day, an Evil Lord kidnapped all of the Princess around the world and keep them inside of the crystal. You as a prince went on a journey to help and set free the trapped princess all around the world. But it became difficult when the Evil Lord placed a curse upon the prince and turned him into a green skin, sticky feet Frog. Yep.. a frog… Ribbit..

To break the curse, the prince-frog continue upon a journey to set the captured princess free. Lots of monsters will try to attack and preventing you to reach your goal. Well, rest assure as you are able to attack multiple enemies with a rightful angle and power..

Angle?? Power?? It’s a must as this game is a Slingshot Game and you can attack through the monster body! Like… Zassss… Ding.. Ding.. Ding (Pinball sound).. Cool huh?

My opinion for this game

It is a great and wonderful game with lots of cute drawings of princesses.. I was once played this game in September last year, but I couldn’t find its application in Play Store. Can someone help me? Perhaps this game changed its name..

Peace Yaw!!


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