Dragon Storm


Dragon Storm is an action-RPG adventure, leaving to find the evil Dark Lord for loose from the seal. The main character walk around town and finds out that there are a fancy yet beautiful sword stuck on the ground. You try to take the sword out and….. congratulation!! You managed to take the sword out.. But not only the sword, it comes with a consolation price. A swarm of evil being and monster came out from the crack of the sword!! Well, whose fault that leave the sword like that anyway right?

Unlike other old RPG, this game provides a left and right attack button to attack both side (where the monster coming from). You started somehow “naked” with a wooden sword and a cheap head gear and cheap pants. Upgrading your equipment requires gold and you can get them by defeating monsters.

One of the monsters in the fast hand-eye coordination, both removal and see if that helps grow the character. or try to battle with the guardian spirits involved. Items acquired from dungeons and cards are a great help in battle. 

Goblins are coming destination in town is just the beginning. The future will have a new monster stand in your way. Will you be the best warrior to defeat the Dark Lord?

My opinion for this game

It is a classic type of Action-RPG Game with a non-stop action and equipment improvement / upgrading. Your survival solely depends on your techniques, sword and equipment. Some of the monsters are difficult to kill, so try farming on the previous stage to collect sufficient gold before proceed to more difficult level… Well, most people does that..

Its a game that not worth spending your real money into, but if you want to do so, be my guess. 🙂

For those who like this type of game, you can get it by clicking here (Android User).

Have Fun! Peace Yaw!!


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