10B Wife


What would you do if you are able to marry with more than 1 wife? It didn’t even crossed my mind to be married more than once but in this game, you are able to do so..

10 Billion Wives by Masukachi Inc. brings you a cute yet addictive game to play with. All you need to do is click, click, click, click… Well, it is a clicking game, what do you expect?

There are dozen of girls (potential wife) that you can married. You can even unlock a special and secret illustrations for each girls when you reach a certain amount of married girls with the same job. Each illustrations are unique to each other.

Each married wife will give you lots of love ~ ~ ~ which able you to buy or married another wife (love is like a currency in this game). Can you unlock all of the secret illustrations?? The answer is on your fingertips!

For those who love to click, click, click and cute, cute, cute drawing, go ahead and try!! Click here will direct you to the Play Store (Android User).

My advice here: don’t spend your real money into this game as you might get bored after a few weeks playing this game. Peace Yaw!!

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